Paula Vermeulen

From a very young age sewing and designing was a passion of mine. So after school there was only one Diploma I wanted to complete and that was in Fashion Design. My first real taste of the industry was working in a Bridal Boutique, designing and making dresses for future brides. As time passed, I realized that I wanted to share this knowledge and therefore went into teaching. I’ve been teaching students for the past 12 years at various institutions and privately. This was for full time Fashion Design students as well short programme students, but also private tutoring for individuals or groups. To see them start off as a mere beginners and then walking out with all this knowledge but also new skills and experience not only gives me joy but also fuels my own passion for this industry.

I believe that there are no boundaries, only possibilities.

Sonika Bio

I have always enjoyed working with people, my biggest passion is doing sales. I love seeing the excitement when someone bought something they love. I have always enjoyed doing admin and organizing events or being creative. Therefore HeartBeat sewing is the perfect platform to combine all the things I love. I fell in love with this industry while working here. It also gives me the wonderful opportunity to meet new people everyday.

HeartBeat Sewing