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Part-Time 24 HOUR (over the duration of 4 to 8 weeks) sewing and Pattern making courses 2021

All Sewing Courses are R2800

All Patternmaking Courses are R3200

Please Contact us for the scheduled days and times of upcoming courses:

Classes will be once or twice a week and each class consists out of 3 hours.
(8 classes in total)
The maximum capacity is 6 students per class, so please register to avoid disappointment.

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All inclusive Introduction to Design and Patternmaking course R3200

Experience in dressmaking is compulsory before enrolling in this course. It will be very difficult for you to understand the patternmaking principles, and how to construct a garment without any sewing background. It is recommended to first complete both the Introduction as well as advance course for dressmaking before enrolling. Patternmaking is also very mathematical and you need to be able to work with numbers.
This introductory pattern making and design course is divided into different sections. This course will introduce you to the basic techniques for womenswear pattern drafting. You’ll learn how to draft the basic skirt, bodice and sleeve, as well as trouser blocks according to your size and body shape. You’ll get the opportunity to design, draw, discuss and practise different styles and how you can alter your patterns to create different shapes.
You’ll learn how to move darts to change the look of a garment as well as creating ease for a tighter fit. How to deal with varying elements of garment construction such as seam allowances and fastenings will also be a vital part of this course.

Through this process of development you will be able to interpret your fashion designs and illustrations of daywear and eveningwear garments into your own patterns. You’ll leave the course with a comprehensive file of pattern samples in both paper and fabric.
After completing each pattern, the sewing instructions will be discussed. Be prepared in receiving homework after each class, as trying things on your own, is the only way of learning.

Course includes:

What you will learn:

Advance design and pattern making course coming soon.