Sewing next Phase Course

Part-Time 3 week sewing courses 2020

Beginner Course R 2250

Advanced course R 1950

Please Contact us for the scheduled days and times of upcoming courses:

Classes will be twice a week and each class consists out of 3 hours.
(6 classes in total)
The maximum capacity is 4 students per class, so please register to avoid disappointment.

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Advance Dressmaking course

Price: R1950

Do you want to enter a more advanced world of sewing? This is the next step to take after completing the first basic sewing course. Most of the theory regarding sewing was taken care of in the first course, but the sewing are more intense than in the first course. In this course you get to choose your own commercial patterns and fabrics you would like to use.

Advanced 3 week dressmaking course

This course is only for students after completing the first 3 week introduction to dressmaking course.


Practical sample file

Create and construct your own

It all depends on your level of skills.