About HeartBeat Sewing

Part-Time 24 HOUR (over the duration of 4 to 8 weeks) sewing and Pattern making courses 2021

All Sewing Courses are R2800

All Patternmaking Courses are R3200

Please Contact us for the scheduled days and times of upcoming courses:

Classes will be once or twice a week and each class consists out of 3 hours.
(8 classes in total)
The maximum capacity is 6 students per class, so please register to avoid disappointment.

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About HeartBeat Sewing

Gloudine Fashion Designer

I am a graduated Fashion Designer, and dressmaking is my passion. After I was asked to teach part time sewing classes at a well known college, I discovered that I love teaching this skill, and decided to start my own private courses.

I strive to teach my students the theory behind the practical, to understand why a certain method is done. To sew is all about understanding, when it is understood, then it becomes easy.

To me it is important to teach students the basics, and how to solve a sewing problem, when they come in contact with one, they need to know and understand how to deal with them on their own.

Learning the proper sewing skills, not to skip any corners, how to work neatly and the correct sewing methods is my ultimate goal, and off course to show them how fun sewing really is.

So much can be achieved, only being able to stitch in a straight line, remember that!

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